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An Oscar and multi-award winning Director of Photography (DOP) with over eighteen years of experience in the film and TV industry. Ali has developed a wide range of professional skills including directing, editing, colour grading, and lighting which have enabled him to gain confidence in not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of any DOP role he has taken on.

In 2012 Ali transitioned into the British Film and TV industry and has since been working with the BBC and numerous production companies on a wide range of Film, TV and Commercial projects.​

His DOP skills, merged with his visual arts knowledge and the love of film and television, have enabled Ali to excel and bring innovation to every project he takes on board. His expertise and fine attention to detail, creativity and artistic approach have all resulted in producing outstanding visual aids to enhance and better tell the story to the audience.

The extensive technical knowledge Ali has gained over the years have enabled him to take responsibility and make vital decisions, supporting producers and directors to achieve exceptional end products.


  • Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film ('The Silent Child')

  • Canadian Cinematography Awards for Best Short film Cinematography (A Glimpse)

  • Florence Film Awards for Best Cinematography (A Glimpse)

  • New York Cinematography Awards for Best Cinematography (The Suit Weareth the Man)

  • Hollywood Gold Awards for Best Cinematography(A Glimpse)

  • Independent Shorts Awards for Best Cinematography (A Glimpse)

  • New Renaissance Film Festival Award for Best Cinematography ('The Silent Child')

  • South Film and Arts Academy Festival Nomination for Best Cinematography (A Glimpse)

  • Sydney Indie Film Festival Nomination for Best Cinematography ('The Silent Child')

  • Venice Film Awards for Best Cinematography for A Glimpse

  • Sydney Indie Film Festival Jury Prize for Best Film ('The Silent Child')

  • The Short Film Award for Best Narrative Short Film ('The Silent Child')

  • London Independent Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize ('The Silent Child')

  • American Short Films Award for Best Short Film of The Year ('The Silent Child')

  • Rhode Island International Film Festival Grand Prize for Best Short Film ('The Silent Child')

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